Configurations and Best Practices


1. Vertical Foregrip: Rotate to a 90 degree left or right side for ambidextrous barricade positioning to improve stability and weak side cover.

2. Vertical Foregrip: Move the vertical foregrip out of the way for better rest positioning.

3. Bi-Pod: Rotate the bi-pod into position or out of the way.

4. White Light: Rotate the white light into multiple positions, left, right or underneath the barrel.

5. Night Vision: Mount night vision forward of optics. Rotate night vision into position, or out of the way for re-entry into daylight.

6. Laser Sight: Mount or rotate a Green, Red or IR laser sight into position.

7. Secondary Optics: Rotate your secondary optics to a 45 degree angle for left or right handed shooter.

8. Back-Up Sights/Flip-Up Sights: Rotate your back-up optics into position if your primary optics malfunctions.

9. Red Dot Sight: Allows you to mount the red dot sight at a 45 degree angle for left
or right handed shooter.

10. Go-Pro Camera: Allows you to position a go pro camera at any angle.

11. Faster transition around a 3-gun match.

12. Moving accessories out of the way to thin the vertical height profile.

13. Quickly change the position of any accessory set up around the barrel and move it to another location.

14. Switch from a left handed shooter to a right-handed shooter without using tools to reconfigure.

Best Practices