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The Rotating Picatinny Rail for the AR 15 Platform

Preparation is key to any offensive or survival campaign. This is why many companies are developing picatinny rail systems for the AR 15, so you can swap attachments “on the fly” to better enable your effectiveness in the field.

But what’s effective about detaching and reattaching tools in the heat of the moment? There’s a large difference between having inconvenient, time-consuming access to a single tool or two and having access to all of your attachments with the push of a button. That difference is literally life or death.

Enter the Ballista Tactical Systems Rotating Picatinny Rail

Notice the word rotating, the feature that has enthusiasts calling this the most innovative and necessary offering for the AR 15 platform ever.

Forget dropping cover in order to switch accessories and hoping you attached it correctly while scrambling to do it quickly. Now, you can attach every single one of your accessories in the logical position of your choice and leave them there, snug and secure.

Do you need to switch your pistol grip from right position to left position? You can now switch positions as fast as you realize the need all due to the masterfully crafted push button release. Push the button, rotate the rail, done.

Look how easy it is to rotate your accessories into and out of position:

From Right Position
From Right Position
To Left Position
To Left Position
From Day Optics
From Day Optics
To Night or Thermal
To Night or Thermal
All with the Touch of a Button!
All with the Touch of a Button!

That’s just a preview of the possibilities. There is no “this or that” configuration limitation. Our favorite word is and: “This and that and this and that and…”

This aggressive innovation is our founding principal. We at Ballista Tactical Systems accept nothing less than supplying the military, law enforcement, and consumer communities with the highest quality solutions to equipment constraints.

The Benefits of Rotation

We could carry on for days about the revolution this rotation can bring to your life, but we’ll spare you that level of our excitement and passion. Here’s just a quick surface level list to give you an idea:

  • On the fly, switch from medium range to close quarters configuration
  • Rotate your grip to brace yourself, instead of fatiguing your muscles and bones
  • Swing in the bipod as you move to prone position without losing a second of time
  • When hog or predator hunting, rotate into thermal, night, or day optics, all always available to you
  • Never deal with or fear your inability to pull off a quick disconnect and reconnection ever again
  • Our rail always maintains zero.

There are two key problems that come at the highest cost to ourselves and those we love. Those are 1) Time and 2) Exposure. Our rotating rail takes all of benefits of a fixed rail and eliminates these dangers that they inadvertently introduced. Our push button rotation gives you back countless seconds when you need them most, all while allowing you to adjust your AR 15 to varying situations instead of adjusting (and exposing) your body.

This literally changes everything.

Dependability Provides Trust in your AR 15

The last thing you want to do is hesitate to take action. Your firearm should be an extension of your body. You should know it, feel it, and trust it at all times. This is why we invited many third parties to put our product through the Nautilus Rotating Rail Survivability Test.

The full technical details of this series of tests are available to you at any time. Here’s the summary so you can see that we don’t mess around when it comes to safety, dependability, and trust:

Metal Expansion and Shrink Test

Our rail was heated to 550 degrees Fahrenheit and allowed to acclimate for 60 minutes. After an hour, it was submersed in liquid nitrogen and brought down to -75 degrees Fahrenheit and held for another hour.

For a frame of reference, water boils at 212 degrees and freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Now look at the stress we had the rail exposed to and realize that nothing happened. It still performed perfectly to the manufacturer (our) specifications! And unless you decide to travel to Pluto or jump into a volcano, you’re never going to encounter those extreme temperatures.

Corrosion & Particulate Tests

Our rail was dunked in natural seawater straight from the Gulf of Mexico and left for 90 days. Not 90 minutes or even hours. Days. It maintained its performance. So you can rest assured that unless you grow gills and go live underwater, some rain, creek water, or river water isn’t going to be an issue.

We also buried the rail in various consistencies of dirt, and, and mud in the Florida Everglades. While you may notice some of these particulates when rotating it, they did not affect its ability to rotate or cause any damage to the bearings and bearing races!

Weight Bearing & Drop Tests

First we had an uneven pressure of 12,500 pounds forced down onto the rail in several locations non-uniformly. It passed the test with flying colors. We also had it dropped from a 30 foot height five times, allowing it to smash into a paved asphalt road. We feel sorry for that road. The rail, however, performed flawlessly after these tests.

Now how in the world can our product be this indestructible? How can results this amazing be achieved? The answer is because we accept nothing else and this is why we sourced aircraft grade, 6061 T6 5011 hard-anodized aluminum to use in our construction process. We don’t mess around.

Fits carbine length AR 15 style platforms. The Rotating Rail consists of 2 separate and adjustable rail systems. Both sections are comprised of 4 individual Picatinny 1913 rails, which can be rotated 360 degrees, in 45 degree increments, in either direction by depressing the actuating button. It is constructed of aircraft grade, 6061 T6 5011 hard-anodized aluminum. This revolutionary design allows the user to have instant access to multiple accessories without the use of tools or the removal of other devices. This shift on the fly technology provides a significant advantage to the user in any sport, tactical or combat situation.


The last thing you want to do is take a manufacturer’s word for any of their own products. Always get a second opinion. This is why we provided third party testing, and why we’ve also included the following testimonials from trusted members of the firearms community.

The Gunmart Blog had this to say:

The Ballista AR15 Nautilus Rotating Rail is without a doubt a radical approach to accessorizing the AR15 platform. Many people (myself included) scoffed at the idea of this rotating design when it first hit the market. I will be honest with you… To me it initially came across as a gimmicky novelty. I chalked it up as something aimed at the “mall-ninja” crowd and pretty much dismissed it out of hand. However, in reality nothing could be further from the truth. This is indeed a serious tool for serious AR15 applications.

– Gunmart Blog

We also took our rail to the top. Check this out:

The rotational adjustment is a great tool. It allows adjustment for a more comfortable shooting position as well as accommodating shooting around cover/concealment. The rotational adjustment also helps the shooter utilize modified shooting positions to stabilize the weapon that would be otherwise impossible with a fixed vertical foregrip (such as those previously employed on Weapons A&B)

– Law Enforcement Agency Report

Jim Green also enjoyed our rotating rail. He filmed a video to tell you about and show you how to install this bad boy.

Are You Ready for the Rail Revolution?

We believe two things firmly:
1. Our rotating picatinny rail is the future for AR 15’s
2. Members of our community work hard to earn their money

We want this in your hands. You deserve it. We’ve done the best we possibly could during the manufacturing process (without sacrificing quality) to lower the costs of the final product.

Yes, people might be willing to pay a premium for the advanced rotation feature, but that doesn’t mean they should. Look at some of the costs for these lesser rails…

Knight’s Armament M4 RAS – $350
Knight’s Armament M4 RAS – $350
Daniel Defense Omega Carbine Length – $260
Daniel Defense Omega Carbine Length – $260
LaRue Tactical Carbine Length – $247
LaRue Tactical Carbine Length – $247

That’s about par for the course. Including our rotation feature did add to the cost on our end, leading to a MSRP of $439. HOWEVER:

We are the manufacturer and you’re coming straight to the source. This can’t go on forever, and in fact we only have a limited quantity we can do this with…

We can drop some of the associated fees with distribution and marketing, and shave a little more off since we know you’re going to love it. We trust that you’re going brag to tell your friends about your awesome new rail.

That’s why we are willing to offer a limited number of our rotating rails for the low price of only


Please, if you’re interested, get one now! Supplies are truly limited. While this is true, we know that feels like pressure. That’s why we are removing all of the risk and letting you claim one and try it out for a full 30 days.
Act Now and Try It Out
100% Risk Free!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee for Any Reason

The Ballista Tactical Systems Rotating Picatinny Rail is only currently available online while supplies last. Click “Add to Cart” to take advantage and be the first of your crew to have one.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 239-249-6744