AR 15 Rotating Picatinny Rail

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The Most INNOVATIVE Picatinny Rail System Ever Invented For The AR 15

This AMAZING Rotating Rail System Allows You To Move Your Accessories Into And Out Of Position By Simply Pressing A Button And Turning The Rail To The Desired Location.

Switch From Right

To Left

Rotate Between Day

And Night

All With The Touch Of A Button!

  • Switch from medium range to close quarters configuration
  • Rotate your grip to brace your shot against different surfaces for improved accuracy
  • Rotate your bipod to stop it from digging into your shoulder when slung
  • Switch between thermal, night, and day optics when hog or predator hunting
  • Eliminate the need for quick disconnects
  • Maintains zero

  • Save precious time adapting to any situation on the fly
  • Adjust your rifle to varying situations instead of adjusting your body
  • Open up new ways to train
  • No need for clumsy, time consuming, and costly quick disconnects.
  • Does everything a fixed rail does and so much more with the ability to rotate



  • Designed to withstand significant contamination and still operate
  • The rifle will fail before the rail does
  • Easily clean with water

Would you do this with any other rail?

  • Durable enough to be run over and still operate
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made entirely in the U.S.A

Nautilus Rotating Rail Survivability Test Summary

· Metal expansion and shrink test: 550 degrees Fahrenheit and held for 60 minutes. At 60 min mark it was removed and placed in a liquid nitrogen environment and brought down to 75 degrees below zero in Fahrenheit and held for 60 minutes.

· Corrosion test: Product was submerged in natural seawater from the Gulf of Mexico for a period of 90 days.

· Weight bearing test: 12,500 pounds was unevenly forced down on the product in several areas.

· Drop Test: Product was dropped in its natural state from a height of 30 feet on to a paved asphalt roadway 5 times.

· Dirt, Sand, & Mud Rotation test: Product was buried in dirt, sand, and mud performed in the natural environment of the Florida Everglades. 

Results: The NRR passed all tests performed and functioned properly after installation on the M4/AR15.

· The temperature test did not affect the rails ability to function as intended.

· The seawater did not cause corrosion or affect its ability to function as intended.

· The weight-bearing test did not affect its ability to function as intended and measured within the manufacturers specifications.

· The drop test did not affect its ability to function as intended.

· The dirt, sand, and mud test did not affect its ability to function as intended. It was able to rotate with slightly more force and did not cause any permanent damage to the bearings, bearing races, or its ability to perform as intended.

Fits carbine length AR 15 style platforms. The Rotating Rail consists of 2 separate and adjustable rail systems. Both sections are comprised of 4 individual Picatinny 1913 rails, which can be rotated 360 degrees, in 45 degree increments, in either direction by depressing the actuating button. It is constructed of aircraft grade, 6061 T6 5011 hard-anodized aluminum. This revolutionary design allows the user to have instant access to multiple accessories without the use of tools or the removal of other devices. This shift on the fly technology provides a significant advantage to the user in any sport, tactical or combat situation.


The Ballista AR15 Nautilus Rotating Rail is without a doubt a radical approach to accessorizing the AR15 platform. Many people (myself included) scoffed at the idea of this rotating design when it first hit the market. I will be honest with you… To me it initially came across as a gimmicky novelty. I chalked it up as something aimed at the “mall-ninja” crowd and pretty much dismissed it out of hand. However, in reality nothing could be further from the truth. This is indeed a serious tool for serious AR15 applications. , Gunmart Blog - Click here to read full review

The rotational adjustment is a great tool. It allows adjustment for a more comfortable shooting position as well as accommodating shooting around cover/concealment. The rotational adjustment also helps the shooter utilize modified shooting positions to stabilize the weapon that would be otherwise impossible with a fixed vertical foregrip (such as those previously employed on Weapons A&B)


Jim Green talks about and shows you how to install the rotating rail

MSRP on the Nautilus Rotating Rail is $249

Compare the Nautilus Rail to other leading rails which are fixed.

Knight's Armament M4 RAS $350

Daniel Defense Omega Carbine Length $260

LaRue Tactical Carbine length $247

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