Nautilus Rotating Rail :

  1. What type of rifle is the NRR designed for? The NRR fits onto any carbine length AR style platform
  2. What accessories can be mounted on the NRR? Any accessory that has been designed to fit on a 1913 Picatinny rail can be mounted to the NRR
  3. Under what conditions can the NRR be used? The NRR has been thoroughly tested in a variety of environments which may expose it to conditions such as water, sand, mud and grass. It is designed to withstand significant contamination and still maintain its full rotation ability
  4. How do I properly clean the NRR? Follow the care and maintenance video posted on this site
  5. How accurate are my sights once mounted and rotated on the NRR? Testing has shown that once a sight is calibrated correctly, it will maintain zero after any rotation.
  6. What is the NRR made of? The NRR is constructed of aircraft grade, 6061 T6 5011 hard anodized aluminum for strength and durability